5 Top Landscaping Ideas for Surrounding Your Swim Spa

5 Top Landscaping Ideas for Surrounding Your Swim Spa

Investing in a swim spa from Hydropool CI is a significant decision for your backyard, and it’s crucial to integrate it seamlessly into your garden landscaping. These landscaping ideas will help blend your swim spa into your outdoor space effortlessly, making it an integral part of your backyard oasis.

Our Favorite Swim Spa Landscaping Ideas

  1. Decking

Decking offers an excellent way to create an in-ground look for your swim spa. By sinking the swim spa into the ground or raising the deck around it, you can seamlessly integrate it into your backyard. Opting for anti-slip decking is advisable for safety, especially around wet areas.

  1. Lawn

Placing your swim spa on a lawn preserves greenery while providing a lush, tropical ambiance. Surrounding your swim spa with plants enhances the tropical feel, and with the added benefit of heating, you’ll enjoy a year-round tropical retreat.

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  1. Patio and Stone

Using stone or patio around your swim spa is another popular choice. Ensure you choose non-slip stone to prevent accidents. Consider the heat resistance of the stone if your swim spa is exposed to direct sunlight. Irregular stone steps and tropical plants can add a unique and sultry vibe.

  1. Add Shelter

Consider adding shelter to your swim spa area for protection from the sun or rain. A timber pergola can offer both shade and aesthetic appeal, especially when adorned with climbing plants. For immediate shade, a sail shade or pop-up gazebo can be practical options.

  1. Make it a Feature

Rather than blending into the background, make your swim spa a focal point of your garden. Enhance its features with complementary landscaping, such as planters or flowerbeds featuring similar plants. Incorporate water features like pergolas to draw attention to your swim spa.


When planning landscaping around your swim spa, it’s crucial to consider its integration into your garden. At Hydropool CI, we offer a premium range of swim spas suitable for every garden size and training need. Our experienced team can provide personalized advice and creative landscaping ideas to make your swim spa a standout feature of your outdoor space. Reach out today to explore your options!