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Caring For Your Hot Tub

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Your hot tub is designed to give many years of relaxing enjoyment. Following a few simple steps and understanding the water treatment cycle will ensure the maximum comfort and safety of bathers, and will aid in prolonging the life of your tub. Chemicals are required in order to kill off bacteria that may otherwise lead to cross infection, to keep the water comfortable for those using the spa and keep it crystal clear and inviting.

We recommend you drain and re-fill the tub every 3 months depending on usage, in order to maximise the effectiveness of chemicals used in the water. Hydropool CI can help you with this – call the showroom or check our website for details of our Servicing Menu.

Recommended Water Maintenance Routine

When adding chemicals always switch the main pumps on to circulate the water, remove the Hot Tub cover fully, and always follow instructions on the chemical packet.

Daily Maintenance

Using the test strips;
• Check Total Alkalinity level and dose as required with EzBuffer Total Alkalinity Increaser or EzDown pH & Alkalinity Reducer
• Check Sanitiser level and dose as required – we recommend EzChlor Chlorine Granules, EzPucks Chlorine Tabs, EzBrom Brominating Concentrate or EzBrom Tabs Bromine Tablets.
• Check pH level and dose as required with EzPlus pH Increaser or EzDown pH & Alkalinity Reducer

Weekly Maintenance

• Shock-treat the Spa by adding EzOxy-Shock Non-Chlorine Shock
• To minimise calcium build-up and staining caused by metals add EzGlow Scale Inhibitor
• Carry out a visual inspection of the filter and clean if necessary with EzInstant Filter Nu


• Deep clean the filter cartridge using EzFilter Nu Cartridge Cleaner
• After heavy bathing loads add EzOxy-Shock Non-Chlorine Shock
• Remove foaming by adding EzBubble-Burst No Foam
• Clean any visible waterline marks with EzTilex Waterline Cleaner

Troubleshooting Hot Tub Problems

Eye / Skin Irritation

Possible CauseRemedy
Excessive sanitiser levelsDilute spa with fresh water
Build up of disinfection from by-productsDilute or completely re-fill spa with fresh water
Allergic reaction to sanitiserConsider changing to a chlorine/bromine free system – ask for details
pH outside the acceptable rangepH over 7.6; reduce with EzDown pH & Alkalinity Reducer pH under 7.2; raise with EzPlus pH Increaser


Possible CauseRemedy
Build up of contaminants – body oils or cosmeticsTreat with EzBubble-Burst No-Foam


Possible CauseRemedy
Build up of organic pollution and/or combined chlorineShock dose with EzOxy-Shock Non-Chlorine Shock

Staining on the Shell

Possible CauseRemedy
High concentration of metals in the waterTreat with EzGlow Scale Inhibitor

Coloured Water

Possible CauseRemedy
High concentration of metals in the waterTreat with EzGlow Scale Inhibitor

Cloudy Water

Possible CauseRemedy
Low sanitiser levelTest regularly and maintain sanitiser level; 2- 5mg/l (ppm) Chlorine; 4-6mg/l (ppm) Bromine
Ineffective filtrationCheck filter; either clean with EzInstant Filter Nu Spray or EzFilter Nu Cartridge Cleaner or replace filter
Suspended solidsTreat with EzClear Water Clarifier to aid filtration
Build up of dissolved solidsDrain and re-fill with fresh water

Excessive Scaling

Possible CauseRemedy
High calcium levelTreat with EzGlow Scale Inhibitor


Handled safely and with respect, your spa chemicals are perfectly safe, however if you misuse them or fail to follow instructions, the consequences can be potentially serious, so there are a few rules that need to be followed;
• Keep spa chemicals in their original containers, and keep sealed when not in use
• Keep all chemicals locked up, in a cool, dry place and out of the reach of children and pets
• Never store chemicals in direct sunlight
• Read all labels to ensure you understand what the chemical is, how it is to be used and what it will do
• Never mix chemicals together
• When mixing chemicals with water always add chemicals to water, never water to chemicals
• Always handle your chemicals with care and accurately
• Should you spill any chemicals, clean up the spill immediately. If they are in solid form, use a clean dustpan and brush and dispose of them by adding small amounts at a time to the spa. Do not put chemicals back into their container; do not use a domestic vacuum cleaner. If in any doubt contract Hydropool CI who will be happy to advise.
• Never inhale chemical fumes
• If any chemical comes into contact with your skin, wash off immediately with copious amounts of freshwater
• If any chemical comes into contact with your eyes,