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O-Care Swim Spa Jersey

The Best Solution For Natural Spa Water

Hydropool CI are the Channel Islands only approved dealer for O-Care, leaders in spa water care. O-Care works in conjunction with your standard chlorine chemicals to produce softer, natural water for your hot tub or swim spa. O-Care is made from high-quality mineral salts, which are not only natural but are also odourless.

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Prevent Sediment Build-Up

O-Care protects the hot tub 24-7 against sediment build-up, even at low sanitiser levels

5fe0b0705246da679bccf4ae Reduce the amount of chemical needed

Fewer Chemicals Needed

A cleaner hot tub on the inside will empower chemicals to be much more effective and a lot less are needed

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Soft Water

The water will feel very nice and soft to the touch which enhances the user experience

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Makes Your Skin Soft

Your skin will benefit from using O-Care, keeping it soft and smooth

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Decrease Component Wear

Less wear on the components if there is no residue build-up

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Easy Water Balancing

O-Care will not change the water balance but most conditioners and chemicals do

O-Care Guides and Tutorials

Below are a set of guides and tutorial videos on how O-Care Spa Treatment can improve your hot tub water as well as your skin.

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Starting Up After A Refill

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Water Smells

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Cloudy Water

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Green Water

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Foaming Water

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Scaling In The Hot Tub

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Flakes In The Water

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Excessive PH Fluctuation