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Soundcast products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Soundcast Bluetooth speakers seamlessly link to your phone or tablet allowing you to play songs directly from your devices or to stream music from apps like Spotify.

All Soundcast products are not only waterproof, but they are also dust and sand proof allowing you to take these speakers with you where ever you go without any worry.

Outdoor Speakers

Soundcast VG1

The Soundcast VG1 portable outdoor speaker is perfect for outdoor hot tubs, swimming pools, trips to the beach, or even just taking along on a hike. With a weight of only 1lb, the VG1 is easy to carry and still provides loud, clear sound with no distortion.

Surround yourself with powerful sound by syncing two VG1 speakers together for dedicated left and right stereo playback with Bluetooth TrueWireless™ Stereo. The rear-firing, passive bass radiator creates a tight mid-bass sound.

Soundcast Outdoor Speakers Jersey
Soundcast Outdoor Speakers Jersey

Soundcast VG3

Designed and Built for Outdoor Use, the VG3 Power Portable speaker is weather-proof. With an IP64 rating, the VG3 is rain, snow, fog, sand, and dustproof. Our VG3 can go anywhere and handle anything, including extreme heat or extreme cold.

Lightweight but with powerful sound, the VG3 weighs only 3 lbs and can easily fit in one hand. It’s 3″ downward firing, mid-bass and two 2″ aluminium dome drivers provide crystal clear, loud sound with no distortion for up to 21 hours. The vertical tower design of the VG3 and opposing staging-speakers deliver immense, 360°, omnidirectional sound. This means you’ll hear the perfectly balanced sound at any volume level no matter where the speaker is facing. Pair two speakers together for TrueWireless™ Stereo and flawless playback of high-resolution music.

Soundcast VG5

The VG5 Weather-proof speaker is perfect for the outdoors. Rated to IP64 for rain, snow, fog, sand, and dust proof, you can even use our VG5 in extreme temperatures without experiencing a loss in audio quality.

Easy to carry weighing in at 11 lbs, our VG5 is easy to take along on any adventure. The vertical tower design and opposing – staging speakers deliver spectacular, fully immersive, 360° sound.

The advanced, dynamic EQ provides perfectly balanced sound at any volume level, and two 3″ aluminum, dome drivers make for crystal clear audio that makes your music come alive no matter where in the world you are.

Soundcast Outdoor Speakers Jersey
Soundcast Outdoor Speakers Jersey

Soundcast VG7

The VG7 is the premier Power Portable™ speaker that was made to be used and enjoyed in the outdoors. Neither rain, snow, fog, dust, sand, extreme heat nor extreme cold can stop the VG7 from making crystal clear audio.

Weighing 21lbs and with an ergonomically designed handle to make for easy carrying. The VG7’s 7″, downward firing subwoofer with separate amp delivers powerful bass that can rock your garden or any destination you may bring the VG7.

The VG7 has four 3″, audiophile quality, aluminum, dome drivers provide crystal clear sound that will play your music the way the artist intended. The vertical tower design of the VG7 and four opposing-staging speakers deliver incredible sound quality in 360° around the speaker.

Soundcast VG7SE

The pinnacle of outdoor audio, the Soundcast VG7SE builds on the best-in-the-world sound performance of the VG7, the VG7SE takes outdoor audio to the stratosphere. With twice the power, deeper bass, and a tall tower design that delivers jaw-dropping staging and super-advanced 360° omni-directional sound, the VG7SE is Soundcast’s way of reaching the summit of outdoor audio.

The VG7SE is rated IP64 which means the speaker is not only rain, sand, dust, fog, snow, and shock proof but also built for extreme heat or the extreme cold.

The VG7SE has separate indoor and outdoor EQ modes to optimize sound for both inside and outside. With the most advanced and sophisticated Dynamic EQ in the industry our VG7SE gives you perfect tonal balance at any volume level.

The VG7SE is ruggedly built with an elegant, sophisticated design that integrates into your beautiful outdoor living space. Our subtle mood lighting strikes the perfect visual tone for night time fun.

Soundcast Outdoor Speakers Jersey