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Marina Gazebos

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The Marina Vented Gazebo is a contemporary and ready-to-use terrace cover.

This robust aluminium frame is available in several sizes. Its versatile design enables you to create the ideal garden set-up – perhaps an al fresco dining space, a sheltered area for garden furniture or hot tubs, an outdoor kitchen or bar area.

Multiple flexible shutters give you the choice to either soak up the sun or take some shade, and if the weather changes, it’s completely weatherproof. Due to the direction of the shutters, this model is ideal for south-facing gardens.

Hydropool CI's Marina Gazebo

Made From High Quality Materials

We use only the highest-quality, weather-proof materials to manufacture the Hydropool CI’s Marina. The gazebo’s overhang is manufactured from high-quality aluminium which ensures solid construction. This means you can position it as a stand-alone structure or connect it to an existing building as a stylish extension to your home. Internal frames and vented roof shutters are made from toughened aluminium. Their graphite-grey powder coating looks great and adds to the contemporary feel.

Luxury Gazebo in Jersey
Luxury Gazebo in Jersey

Versatile Options

The Hydropool CI’s Marina is fitted with flexible shutters in the roof, giving you a number of options.

When the shutters are closed, water is drained via the legs of the construction, keeping you safe and dry. When they are open, they let in light and air.

The gazebo is resistant to wind up to wind force 120 km/h and the roof is resistant to heavy loads, including snow and leaves.

Hydropool’s Lifestyle Marina is not a complicated or long-term building project. This is a smart solution with a long lifespan.

Shuttered Slatted Venting Roof

This is the key feature of the gazebo’s unique design. Inside of the Marina gazebo there are two easily operated mechanisms, that open and close the roof shutters. This allows sunlight and air into the gazebo as required. The mechanisms that facilitate this are robust and built to last so they won’t fail over time

Luxury Gazebo in Jersey
Luxury Gazebo in Jersey

The Rain Drainage System

This is the clever part! When closed, the shuttered roof is completely waterproof. But it also has drainage channels housed within the shuttered sections. These allow excess rainwater to drain off and down. Specially engineered channels on the inside of the legs also drain water out at the bottom.

Optional Side Screens in a full Cassettes

Hydropool’s Marina gazebo can be fitted with optional side-screens for added privacy. These are an optimal added extra and pull down to the required length. The sun screens are slightly transparent meaning they are a more eye-catching feature piece

Luxury Gazebo in Jersey
Luxury Gazebo in Jersey

Optional Vented Aluminium Side Panels in a full Cassettes

Hydropool’s Marina gazebo can be fitted with optional vented side panels. These panels are fixed in a vented position which allows for low level privacy and weather protection (they do not louvre in the same way the roof does so does not fully protect from the elements)

Available Sizes

The Marina Gazebo comes in many sizes to suit everyones needs.
The full height of all the Marina range is 229cm and the sizes for all the models are:

300cm x 300cm
300cm x 360cm
350cm x 360cm
350cm x 540cm
350cm x 720cm