How does Hydropool’s self-cleaning feature work?

Owning a hot tub in your own garden is often a dream, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard a story or two that they are difficult to maintain.

Owning a hot tub in your own garden is often a dream, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard a story or two that they are difficult to maintain.  

We understand this. We get asked about maintenance at our retail outlets, from people interested in having a hot tub but concerned about the amount of effort it takes to operate them on a regular basis. We completely understand: Endless cleaning and learning about chemicals is not the hot tub experience you’re looking for when you’re trying to buy something designed to help you relax.

Try buying a hot tub and what you’ll find is that different hot tub makers emphasize different elements. Some may have exclusive jets for your back or feet. Some may push where or how they are made as being important. Some may hype their total number of jets and high horsepower, like you’re buying a sports car.  

At Hydropool, we are alone in offering self-cleaning technology. We have patented self-cleaning as a process so that we’re the only company that sells it. We are believers in it because our engineers seek to design the easiest to maintain hot tub on the market.

In this article, we will explain:

  • How Hydropool developed the self-cleaning hot tub
  • What makes up a self-cleaning hot tub
  • Which Hydropool products have self-cleaning (and their costs)

Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a better sense of Hydropool’s self-cleaning hot tubs. 

How Did Hydropool Pioneer Self-Cleaning for Hot Tubs?

Founded in Canada in 1980, Hydropool began as a family venture led by Dale Papke. It began as a commercial pool company, building pools for public areas such as apartments, parks and hotels. 

Around the world, public pools are regulated quite heavily – much more so than hot tubs ever have been. So when the company saw the hot tub market begin to develop, it assembled its first prototypes built to the same rigorous standards as public pools (Hydropool hot tubs first shipped to Europe in the early ’90s: We were one of the first companies to do so). 

Most companies didn’t go that far. With more lax regulations for hot tubs, they built filtration systems that worked for smaller bodies of water but that were not up to the same standard. 

Some were and are highly functional systems (in most cases). But they make homeowners do a little more work. They aren’t built to the same standards as public pools. They don’t clean quite as much, either. 

We know all this, because we make two different systems at Hydropool. 

  • Our Serenity line uses what is now industry-standard filtration.
  • Our Signature line, which is our top-of-the-line, is our self-cleaning hot tub.

What Sets Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs Apart?

 Hydropool’s self-cleaning hot tubs feature a patented system that combines cutting-edge technology and innovative design. 

Here’s a breakdown of our self-cleaning process:

Surface Filtration: A top filter eliminates surface debris while jets and pumps circulate the water, guiding particles towards the filter, creating the first level of water filtration. Particles either float or sink in water – they don’t stay suspended. Which is why ideall you have a top skimmer and …

Bottom Vacuum Filtration: Hot tubs require surface and bottom cleaning as part of water care. A vacuum constantly sucks up any debris that settles at the bottom of a Signature hot tub, a feature unique to Hydropool. Others may have floor drains, but nothing with actual suction. That is a patented Hydropool element.  

Pressurized Filtration: Positioned after the pump, our hot tub cleaning filter ensures that every drop of water passes through. In our tests, 100 per cent of the water is filtered in about 10-15 minutes with a self-cleaning system. 

Want to see it in action? Here’s how Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs work

How is Self-Cleaning Different Than a Regular Hot Tub? 

The two key differences are that most hot tubs do not come with a bottom vacuum. The odd one may put a filter on the bottom, but unless it has suction on it, that filter won’t do much.

  • The floor vacuum is key because particles either float on top of the hot tub’s water, or they sink to the bottom (that’s due to the inherent properties of water, nothing we did).
  • Most hot tub companies also put the pump behind the hot tub’s filter. That simple change means that you don’t know if all of your water is being filtered. It certainly doesn’t guarantee it will all be filtered.  

Again, you can have a hot tub work without self-cleaning technology. We estimate it takes 20 minutes a week of maintenance or less for a self-cleaning hot tub and about 40 minutes with a standard hot tub. 

Why Choose Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs?

Combined with Hydropool’s AOP system, with self-cleaning you have the biggest engineering effort available behind keeping your hot tub sanitized. 

An AOP system stands for Advanced Oxidization Process. It uses combined UV light and oxidization to reduce particulate matter in your hot tub before it becomes an actual problem, like turning into mold. This in turn reduces how much you have to spend on chemicals each month by about 50 per cent. 

At Hydropool, we call this our PureWater system. Just like our self-clean system is based on how public pools work, our PureWater system is based on how your drinking water is cleaned (which again, is far more regulated than how are hot tubs are). 

Here’s a video that spells out how it works.   

Which Hydropool Product Lines Feature Self-Cleaning Technology?

Our Signature line of hot tubs and Aquatic and Executive line of swim spas feature self-cleaning. Prices start at £12,890 for the four-person 395G hot tub and £ 37,295 for the Executive Sport 16EX swim spa.

Is a Self-Cleaning Hot Tub Right for You?

Forty years ago, we originally built a self-cleaning hot tub because it was the only way we knew how to make one. We have refined and continued to develop it over the years, because we have learned it’s a crucial element in building a high-quality hot tub. 

Many companies will sell you a hot tub and then once you have it, the onus is on your to figure out how it works and then do the work yourself. No hot tub can be made to require no maintenance at all, but the self-cleaning hot tubs are the closest we can get. 

We get asked about it frequently as a result. When people come shopping in our showrooms, one of the first questions they ask us is, “which is the self-cleaning hot tub?”

That’s why we wrote this article, so you’d know more about what makes it special and how it functions. We hope it answered all your questions about self-cleaning, but if it didn’t, please reach out us on 01534 630 or