How Much Does a Swim Spa Cost in the UK? A Complete, Unbiased Guide

If you’re delving into the prospect of owning a swim spa, you’re likely pondering how much will it cost when it’s all said and done.

Understanding the price tag associated with this addition to your garden or home is crucial. We are asked about cost on a regular basis at our retail outlets across the UK. It may be the most popular question we get.

We want to give you the most direct answer we can. So here’s what most people shopping at Hydropool end up spending: 

  • Most swim spa buyers spend roughly £35,000 for the swim spa itself, so that’s your average cost of a swim spa.
  • Swim spas require a concrete pad, which usually costs about £1000 pounds.
  • Electric hookup is £500, as most people have outdoor power.
  • Delivery varies (we’ll explain below, but it changes depending on how hard it is to access the intended location). It is usually between £750 – £2000, depending on the method required.

The total cost of a swim spa installed in the UK is going to be approximately £38,000. That’s what most people pay, all in, to purchase a swim spa and get it up and running.

This can be a tough answer to find! Most retailers do not publish prices of their hot tubs and swim spas, so finding a total cost can be difficult.

Keep in mind this is an estimate, an average of what people pay. It also doesn’t include landscaping, which can vary considerably.

In the rest of this article, we’re going to explain where those numbers come from for our price of a swim spa and go over the costs in more detail.

What Influences the Cost of a Hydropool Swim Spa in the UK?

When considering the cost of a Hydropool swim spa in the UK, several factors come into play:

1. What’s the Cost of a Swim Spa?

At Hydropool, our range of swim spas prices are from £ 23,495 for the AquaPlay 13FFP in our Play line to £ 46,995 for the Aquatic Trainer 19DTAX in our Aquatic line.

The Executive line price range starts at £ 37,295 for the Executive Sport 16EX and goes up to £ 46,995 for the Executive Trainer 19EX.

For a variety of reasons, it can be difficult to figure out swim spa prices online from many swim spa manufacturers. Unlike many companies, Hydropool does post its prices on its website, so you can get a real sense of the costs – if you look at any of the individual product pages on our website, you’ll see listed pricing.

2. What are the Costs Associated with Swim Spa Features?

The intended use of your swim spa greatly impacts its price. Whether you prefer a swim-focused experience, a relaxation spot akin to a hot tub, or a blend of both, swim spas offer versatile options. Our Aquatic and Executive lines, for instance, provide a wide range of choices, including swimming, massage, fitness and self-cleaning features for easy maintenance. Waterfalls, lights and aromatherapy are also available options across most manufacturers.

So a swim spa that functions primarily as a big hot tub is the initial level of cost from most manufacturers. As you add features or increase the size of the swim spa and its capabilities, the cost will go up. 

You’re also paying for quality and longevity. There is a wide swath of swim spa manufacturers out there, coming from all parts of the world. Some are built not to last, but to attract customers with a lot of bling and shiny elements. Some are made to be simple, so you can’t customize them the way you want.

While these aspects will reduce the cost, they also reduce the quality of what you’re buying. Our buying advice is self-serving, we know. But we always advise you to buy from a local retailer and from a company that has been in business for a long time, so you know their product lasts (we have been in business for more than 40 years: We have seen many competitors come and go).

We’re not the only ones who say that. This article from Wirecutter, a site that reviews products and is owned by the New York Times, says, “we strongly recommend working with a local, specialized hot tub dealership” when buying a hot tub. When it comes to swim spas, we couldn’t agree more, and the same logic applies.

3. What are Swim Spa Delivery Costs?

All of our swim spas are delivered from our headquarters in Canada. The price for shipping is built into your swim spa price. 

When it comes to arriving at their location at your home, swim spas are delivered through cranes. A lorry-based crane will be about £750. If it needs a proper crane then the delivery is about £2000.

4. What is the Cost of a Swim Spa Concrete Pad?

A concrete pad is fundamental for the stability of your swim spa. Considering the weight of the spa, a solid foundation is essential. A concrete pad can be installed for approximately £,000, ensuring a secure base for your investment.

 5. What is the Cost of the Electrical Setup for a Swim Spa?

Unlike some hot tubs, our swim spas require a 240V connection to power the jets, current, and filtration system. If you have outdoor power, the cost to have this implemented is usually around £500.

 If your electrical panel requires an upgrade to accommodate this, the cost usually ranges from £350 to £550.

What’s the Total Cost of Buying a Swim Spa?

Most Hydropool swim spa customers in the UK invest about £38,000 to ensure a comprehensive setup.

You can pay less, and of course, you can always pay more. A lot depends on the options you want for the swim spa.

We didn’t include any landscaping in our quote, for example. Some people choose to lower the swim spa into the ground by a foot and then surround it with decking, while other people put it entirely in the ground like a pool.

While additional features like lighting and decking can enhance your backyard space, we’ve focused on the core costs required to get you started on your swim spa journey – landscaping costs vary considerably from site to site.