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Realise the potential to transform your garden or conservatory into an oasis of calm with a free Hydropool Home Consultation

At Hydropool, we don’t believe in ‘one sizes fits all’ models. When there’s a will, there’s a way. So whether your will is to fill your back garden with a state-of-the-art SwimSpa or make the most of the sun-trap in your conservatory with a Hot Tub in the corner, we’ll find a way.

We realise that everything about your Hot Tub or SwimSpa will be unique – from the individual spec you choose to the level of features you opt for. And it’s no different for the model’s location, which will be different every time.

Trust our installation experts to visit your home, assess the space available and recommend the best Hot Tub or SwimSpa for you. After all, we’ve done this over 12,000 times so you can be confident of our expert knowledge, advice and suggestions.

Spring and summer are only ever just around the corner – the corner of your garden, that is. So even if the weather isn’t tropical, you can start planning ahead for the ultimate garden restoration. Who wouldn’t look forward to throwing the back doors open on a spring evening and immersing themselves in the warm, inviting rippling water of their very own state-of-the art Hot Tub?

Don’t wait until you have next-door-neighbour garden envy, complete the form below and look forward to one of our installation experts giving you the go-ahead.

Fill in the form below with a little info about whether you are considering a Hot Tub or SwimSpa and a brief description of the type of installation you are considering or alternative call us 01534 630 631

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Self Cleaning Hot Tubs

Hydropool CI Hot Tubs are the world’s easiest hot tubs to maintain as our self-cleaning system cleanses 100% of the water every 15 minutes.

Self Cleaning Swim Spas

Hydropool CI SwimSpas. The Perfect Pool. The Perfect Swim. Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall.

Expert Installation

Hydropool are the longest established, dedicated Hot Tub company in the United Kingdom with over 15,000 satisfied customers.

Why Choose a Hydropool UK Hot Tub or SwimSpa?

  • Exclusive self cleaning technology

  • Hydrowise Thermal Shield Technology most energy efficient in the world

  • Comfort features mean you can immerse yourself in luxury

  • Raising the bar with state of the art design and manufacture

  • The science behind our massage technology

  • The World’s only Carbon Neutral Hot Tubs and Swimspas


We offer a free no-obligation home consultation to all customers for all our Hot Tubs or SwimSpas