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Hydropool CI are proud to be the only TyloHelo dealer in the Channel Islands. Tylohelo have been making high quaility saunas for over 70 years.

The genuine sense of bliss that characterizes TyloHelo saunas cannot be found elsewhere. When you are investing in a Tylö product, you are not only investing in a product, you are also investing in your health. Years of development, experience and a relentless strive for perfection has lead us to where we are today. Masters of providing relaxation year after year, for you and your health.

Build Your Perfect Sauna

To help you design your perfect sauna please visit our sauna builder below. Please note that the builder will not work on mobile devices.

Sauna Rooms in Jersey

Sauna Rooms

When you buy a TyloHelo sauna you know that you are buying great craftmenship of a company that has been producing high quality saunas for over 70 years.

Steam Showers in Jersey

Steam Showers

Tylö’s steam showers are perfect in the modern bathroom and embody a distinct Scandinavian design. It’s a revolution in home spa and spa suite, compact enough to fit into even a small bathroom.

Infrared Rooms in Jersey

Infrared Rooms

Infrared rooms are similar to a traditional sauna but has the extra benefit of deeper penertrating heat to get right into your muscles.