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Steam Showers in Jersey
Enjoy the soothing and invigorating properties of a steam bath. The warm and enveloping mist, serenity and solitude is a perfect way to relax and let a stressful day dissipate. New technology and smart control units allow you to optimize the steam bath settings to suit your specific preferences. Just step in, close the door to the outside and let the rich billowing steam embrace you.

Build Your Perfect Sauna

To help you design your perfect sauna please visit our sauna builder below. Please note that the builder will not work on mobile devices.

Steam Showers and Rooms


The Panacea steam bath soothes both body and soul. The hot steam envelops the body, releasing tension and easing muscle aches, while a variety of light and sound settings provide relaxing additions to the mind. Panacea is available in 6 different standard sizes and comes with a dramatic back-lit wall. Choose between various glass tints and opaque options.
Steam Showers in Jersey
Steam Showers in Jersey

Impression Sauna Rooms

TylöHelo’s steam showers are perfect in the modern bathroom and embody a distinct Scandinavian design. It’s a revolution in home spa and spa suite, compact enough to fit into even a small bathroom. They provide flexible solutions that are easily adapted to an existing layout. The steam bath is a gentler experience. The atmospheric humidity inside reaches 100%, yet the temperature is only 40-50 °C, inviting you to relax a little longer.