Relax and unwind in our 395 hot tub. It holds three people, allowing you to enjoy the company of others and smile and laugh whilst relaxing. It’s simply the best.

Hydropool 395 3 Person Hot Tub

With our self-cleaning technology, it’s easy to find time to relax in your soothing, bubbling Hydropool 395 with our patent Self Clean Mode. Also included is the HydroClean floor vacuum & the Dual Core pressurised filter.

Hydropool 395 3 Person Hot Tub

Allow the Hydropool 395 to massage every inch of your body with our Science of Emersion system, whilst you sit comfortably in our crafted seats. Also comes with built-in freeze protection and programmable filtration cycles.

Hydropool 395 3 Person Hot Tub

This 3 person hot tub hosts a never-float lounger, two full seats and easy-access, non-slip steps built right into the interior. This intimate hot tub will surely create time for you and that special someone by providing best-in-class comfort and hydrotherapy.

Hydropool 395 3 Person Hot Tub

This spa is available with 30-jets in our Gold Series, which offers our stainless steel, fully adjustable, high-volume hydrotherapy jetting system.

Hydropool 395 3 Person Hot Tub

Hydropool allows you to choose your colour, lighting, HydroFlex therapies and more; making the Hydropool 395 three person hot tub perfect for smaller city home. HydroFall pillows and Mazzei Injected Oronator also optional.


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ModelHydropool Self Cleaning 395 Gold Hot Tub
Capacity 3 Persons
Dimension165cm long x 216cm wide x 99cm high
Volume825 Litres
Empty Weight283kg
Full Weight1108kg


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