SELF CLEANING 570 Platinum

The Hydropool 570 Platinum, a 5 person hot tub, is a great way of spending quality time with friends or family. This hot tub is one of Hydropool’s best selling spas, because while 95% of customers are buying a hot tub for two people, they often seek the capability of fitting four.

Hydropool 570 5 Person Hot Tub

Thanks to our Self Cleaning technology, you’ll spend less time maintaining your hot tub and more time focusing on what matters. Our patented Self Clean Mode program will make life that much easier.

Hydropool 570 5 Person Hot Tub

Our unique Science of Immersion system allows you to set your own levels of comfort and boost your mood, your way. You can also program your filtration cycles, has a integrated freeze protection function and the option of the HydroFlex Air therapy additional function.

Hydropool 570 5 Person Hot Tub

The Hydropool Self-Cleaning 570 is a 5 person hot tub that incorporates a never-float lounger, four full seats and easy-access, non-slip steps built right into the interior.With its spacious interior and multi-level seating, this hot tub is roomy enough to treat you and four friends like royalty.

Hydropool 570 5 Person Hot Tub

A key feature on the Hydropool 570 Platinum is being able to set your own massage with our HydroFlow 40 jet system. Our exclusively designed zoned jetting delivers a balanced, soothing massage and a rejuvenating hot tub experience.

Hydropool 570 5 Person Hot Tub

Adding the little touches to make the Hydropool 570 truly personal is incredibly easy. From colours to covers and lighting to jets, HydroFall pillows to Dreamscents, deluxe LED to Garden FX lighting, make it your own.


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ModelHydropool Self Cleaning 570 Platinum Hot Tub
Capacity 5 Persons
Dimension203cm long x 203cm wide x 99cm high
Volume1119 Litres
Empty Weight307kg
Full Weight1426kg


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