Hydropool 19FX Self Cleaning Swim Spa

Swim perfectly every day with the HydroPool AquaSport 19FX. Focus on your stroke technique with our swim current which allows you to adjust to your own preferred level. Hydropool swim spas have the benefits of both a luxurious hot tub and full size pool with less cost, space and maintenance. This means the AquaTrainer 19FX is the perfect swim spa.

AquaTrainer The Training Pool

The Self Cleaning 19 fX Swim Spa is again, a fiberglass reinforced acrylic one piece mini-pool with dual zones that deliver the most flexibility, fun and benefits for the whole family. Both versions has everything for your backyard exercise and entertainment center needs.

AquaSport The Training Pool

Get the benefits of a full size pool. Easy to maintain, affordable and spacious; the Hydropool 19FX, the swim spa that is for everyone. Also integrated are wide stream swim jets, recessed jetting and safety steps.

AquaTrainer The Training Pool

The AquaTrainer 19FX is a swimmer’s dream. With its specially designed swim area and anti-slip floor, it allows for a variety of different activities. Underwater LED lighting is included as well as programmable filtrations and the HydroClean floor vacuum.

AquaTrainer The Training Pool

The 19FX has all the exercise features of the Self Cleaning FX and much more, with a variable resistant swim current, thigh/abductor jets for lower body massage and resistance exercises along with four full body massage hydrotherapy seats.

AquaTrainer The Training Pool

Customise your swim spa with a number of options including the EZ-Ultra Pure Ozone system, LED Northern Lights, choice of Dreamscents, rowing kit and the option of having the AquaFlex Current Control with the 17 FX AquaTrainer. Yours could be really one of a kind.


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ModelHydropool Self Cleaning 19FX Swim Spa
Dimension559cm long x 236cm wide x 134cm high
Hydrotherapy Seating4 Persons
Volume9038 Litres
Empty Weight1374kg
Full Weight10412kg


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