The Serenity 5500 Platinum is designed with full body support and complete comfort in mind, it has built in pillows that support your head and neck, 50 jets and seats up to 6 people. The wide seats are crafted for better lumbar support, providing the desired comfort you need.

Serenity 5500 5 Person Hot Tub

This hot tub comes with cooling seats that are raised, allowing you to cool off after a calm, relaxing soak. Includes Total Therapy jets as well as an integrated 3 way Power-Diverter Valve for maximum performance.

Serenity 5500 5 Person Hot Tub

This spa is perfect for connecting to the people who matter most. The Serenity 5500 is an 5 Person Spa that features roomy seating for 5-6 people and has a swing seat for the lounger in the family. This hot tub also has easy access non-slip steps built right into the interior of the hot tub.

Serenity 5500 5 Person Hot Tub

The Serenity range has a one of a kind, specially curated Versa hydrotherapy system that massages every aspect of your body. You can choose either the 30 jets as part of our Gold range or up to 4o jets in the Platinum series.

Serenity 5500 5 Person Hot Tub

This hot tub is well equipped with many standard features. Ergonomically designed seating for full body support, with soft comfortable pillows and body-sculpted seating to provide ample comfort and support.

Serenity 5500 5 Person Hot Tub

The possibilities for a Serenity Hot Tubs are endless. With the 5500 hot tub, you’ll get programmable filtration cycles, freeze protection and LED lighting. There’s even a Standby Mode function. All of which is designed and engineered to give you total peace of mind.


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ModelSerenity 5500 Platinum
Capacity 6 Persons
Dimension212cm long x 212cm wide x 93cm high
Volume1253 Litres
Empty Weight327kg
Full Weight1579kg


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