The Serenity 6000 is a 6 person hot tub that isn’t shy about being a product of therapeutic quality. This hot tub is famed for its Hydrotherapy features and long term health benefits.

Serenity 6000 6 Person Hot Tub

Soft, comfortable pillows gently support your head and neck, while wide lumbar support seats cradle your body. With an impressive range of stainless steel jets, you can have your choice between receiving powerful wide body streams or delicate, deep massages.

Serenity 6000 6 Person Hot Tub

The Serenity control panel gives you unparalleled control over your hydrotherapy program, making it easy to use and functionally flexible. Programmable filtration functions included.

Serenity 6000 6 Person Hot Tub

The 6000’s built-in unique Versa hydrotherapy system is equipped to massage and soothe every tender muscle and every aching joint. This hot tub also

Serenity 6000 6 Person Hot Tub

This hot tub comes with a variety of 40 powerful stainless steel jets, that can be used for wide body, robust streams to deep tissue massages.

Serenity 6000 6 Person Hot Tub

With features like LED lighting, freeze protection, temperature control and a pump purge function, the 6000 hot tub is both versatile and highly sophisticated.


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ModelSerenity 6000 Platinum
Capacity 6 Persons
Dimension212cm long x 212cm wide x 93cm high
Volume1430 Litres
Empty Weight297kg
Full Weight1727kg


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