What Does A Swim Spa Look Like?

What Does a Swim Spa Look Like?

Ask almost anyone what a swimming pool looks like and you will have no problem getting an answer. However, if you asked the same people what a swim spa looks like, you may get some confused looks.

While swim spas are less familiar, they are rapidly gaining in popularity, especially amongst homeowners that value maintaining an active lifestyle. Plus, swim spas come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Keep reading below to learn what swim spas look like as well as some of their common features and designs so that you can find out what options may best suit your home.

The Swim Spa Look

Swim spas look like traditional swimming pools, just a smaller version. Usually, there are between 4 to 5 feet in depth and range between 10 to 20 feet in length. Like swimming pools, they can be installed inground or above ground but also have way more flexibility for where they can be placed based on their compact size. Commonly, swim spas are located within decks or patios, within a gazebo structure, added to an indoor sunroom or even just placed on a convenient spot on a lawn. The location and installation versatility is one of the major advantages of owning a swim spa.

One difference in the look between a swim spa and a swimming pool is the split design. Most swim spas are fashioned so that there is the swim section at one end and a hot tub/spa are at the other, equipped with hydrotherapy massage seating.

Types of Swim Spas

The most common type of swim spa is made from acrylic, although some are made from vinyl. An acrylic swim spa that has been installed in-ground looks similar to a traditional swimming pool but because of the split design, also resembles the interior of a hot tub.

Once the swim spa is turned on, it will start to look different than a traditional swimming pool. What makes a swim spa a swim spa? It features jets which create an adjustable swim current so that you can swim continuously without having to do laps and turn around. This makes for an incredibly efficient workout, as the difficulty level can be adjusted and there is no downtime from having to stop and turn on the wall.

Portable Convenience

Another benefit of owning a swim spa is that it doesn’t need to be installed inground. The portable option of swim spas adds a cabinet around the shell so that it becomes a self-contained unit and can be located almost anywhere that there is a flat, level surface. This gives homeowners a lot of versatility as they can add it to a deck, place it in their garden or havein close proximity to an entrance to their home for easy access.

Design Choices

Swim spas have such a wide range in sizes, shapes, and styles that there is the perfect model available for everyone. By working with landscaping professionals, your swim spa can become the focal point of your home by creating an outdoor oasis complete with patio furniture, a fire pit, and lounge area.

Now that you know what a swim spa looks like, download our buyer’s guide to learn more about swim spa features.