What’s the best way to cover my hot tub?

When dealing with the changeable British weather, it’s wise to have a plan in place to cover your hot tub when the heavens open.

There’s nothing worse than a day or evening with friends or family being spoiled by inclement weather.

A pergola can be a stylish and practical addition to your hot tub area, not only protecting you from the rain, but also shading you from the sun on the occasions when it decides to pop out from behind the clouds.

At Remanso, we have pergolas to suit all your needs.

Our Remanso range comes in four different sizes which can fit your hot tub, and more, underneath it.

The roof – and the optional blind choices – can be controlled with the touch of a button meaning the sides and top can be opened to let in a breeze or the sunshine when it’s pleasant, or closed to protect you from the elements.

And it doesn’t have to be purely for your hot tub.

These pergolas are perfect for any outdoor living space – be it a comfy seating area, an outdoor kitchen or whatever other garden area you’ve lovingly cultivated.

There’s also an infra-red wall heater which can make your outside space usable

all year round.