Built in BBQs

A Bull BBQ not only offers a great barbecue experience, but offers a quality that is superior to other barbeques on the market.

Why Bull?

Bull offers a wide range of BBQ products. Designed in California, the Bull range of barbecues, is manufactured using only the highest quality stainless steel, offering unrivalled durability and a beautiful design. We are so sure that our BBQ offers great durability that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on various grills.

The Bull range of barbecues was created by BBQ lovers. We do not just design and manufacture barbecues, we also use them. A lot. This love for grilling drives us to give the best barbeque experience possible to Bull owners. In our quest to create the perfect grill we have paired with the scientists at the California Polytechnic.

Our studies have shown that other BBQs have unpredictable heating patterns. Certain areas, especially at the front of the barbecue, remaining cooler, whilst other areas will be too hot, thus burning your food on the outside, without cooking it on the inside.

Our ReliaBULL Technolgy offers a 50% better heat distribution than other barbecues. Using our patented ReliaBULL flame tamers, we created a more even grilling surface, eliminating hot and cold spots, so that you can use your entire grilling surface, including the front of your bbq.

Our collection

Bull Bison Built-In Charcoal BBQ

The New Bison Charcoal Grill Cart has been re-engineered for greater performance. The new vent system and gasket features allows for greater temperature control with the ability to regulate the oxygen flow into the firebox. Now you can set up the Bull Bison for slow and low BBQ, or crank it up to get that steak house quality sear on your steaks and chops.

Bull Steer 3 Burner Gas Built In BBQ

This 60cm Steer Premium Grill cart has doors in the front that allow easy access to your propane tank or other items you want to store underneath the grill. It also provides adequate food preparation space utilizing stainless steel shelves on either side of the grill.

Bull Outlaw 4 Burner Gas Built In BBQ

The 76cm Outlaw Cart is a wonderful grilling option for the value minded customer who does not want to give up massive cooking power.

Bull Lonestar 4 Burner Gas Built In BBQ

The Lonestar Select cart is a 4-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Barbecue Grill. It has extra storage for a propane tank or other grilling necessities and its food prep areas on either side of the grill leave plenty of room to serve your favourite dishes.

Bull Angus 4 Burner Gas Built In BBQ

The Angus cart is a 76cm 4-Burner Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill with an Infrared Back Burner.

Bull Brahma 5 Burner Gas Built In BBQ

The Brahma Cart is a 97cm 5-Burner stainless steel gas barbecue with an infrared back burner.

Bull Diablo 6 Burner Gas Built In BBQ

The Diablo is a 6-Burner 117cm stainless steel Cart gas barbecue grill with an Infrared back burner. Our largest Grill, the Diablo boast a whopping 30.90kWh of cooking power and comes standard with our Reliabull heat technology that reduces hot and cold spots creating a more even grilling surface.

Bull Premium 7 Burner Gas Built In BBQ

The 7 Burner Premium is the largest and most versatile of all our BBQs. It has an impressive cooking area: with an Infrared Back Burner: along with extra storage space.

The Bull BBQ Range

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