Infrared Cabinets

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About Infrared Cabinets

IR or Sauna?

You can choose to take a traditional sauna bath, or enjoy the beneficial warmth of infrared panels, or use both at the same time. The heat source is covered by wood backrests and fabric with the panels installed vertically. In new saunas, the heaters are installed straight into the walls but infrared heaters can be retrofitted as well.

Full Body Heat

The exclusive EvenHeat™ system emits waves of infrared heat from its large heating panels to evenly warm your entire body. EvenHeat™ ensures that there are no “cold spots” due to non-uniform distribution of heat. Just plug it in and you’re ready to relax and detox in the comfort of your own home.

Our collection

Enjoy the health and wellness benefits of heat from your own Tylösand™ infrared cabin. Your cabin comes with a variety of top-class standard features such as smart control panel, choice of panel colours, colour therapy and more.  Enjoy the relaxation and rejuvenation you’ve been longing for. Switch on the IR. Now switch off from stress. 

Tylösand T-810

1 Person

Tylösand T-820

2 People

Tylösand T-825

2-3 People

Tylösand T-870

3 People

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