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Pure Cube Outdoor Sauna | CU552

This versatile sauna design blends perfectly in any backyard with its compact size. Bring a luxurious new class of modular pre-built saunas to your customers.

  • Fully Canadian Red Cedar (FSC) easy to assemble kit with quality assembly instructions
  • Incl. glass sauna door with stainless steel hinges
  • Two tier benches.
  • Double 5mm bronze tempered glass windows
  • Waterproof EPDM membrane roof with overhang backside
  • Five year warranty
  • Available in Red Cedar Clear and Red Cedar Knotty

Pure Cube Outdoor Sauna | CU552

CU552 Outdoor Sauna | Red Cedar

This compact sauna model is perfect for elevating an outdoor project with its simplicity and highly detailed craftsmanship. The red cedar wall panels integrate very well with multiple surroundings, and the bronzed tempered windows bring up a glance of elegance. Ensure a unique sauna experience within its comfortable seating area with curved two-tier benches and backrests. Like the other models from this collection, this outdoor sauna is enjoyable every season. The sealing is equipped with an ice and water shield that makes it resistant to heavy weather conditions.

Get the quality craftmanship that distinguishes Leisurecraft in every finishing of the sauna. Every single piece is prepared, so no sawing or cutting is necessary. Putting together the saunas from this collection is very easy with our easy-to-assemble kit and clear step-by-step instructions. Anyone with woodworking skills and the right equipment can assemble it in a short time.


The Pure Cube sauna is suitable for either an electric heater or wood-burning heater.

Helo Electric heaters:

When you don’t want to make fire with wood, electric heaters are a great alternative. Helo stands for a fusion of tradition and modern technology.

Semi Privacy Panel

Upgrade to semi-privacy panel. To be mounted on any preferred window on your sauna

Cedar Light Shade

Red Cedar Sauna Light shade, excl. fitting. Can be used inside or outside the sauna.

Size 17.8 x 15.2 x 30.5 cm

Cedar Bottle Shelf

To put your drinks in


Elite backrest

For extra Back comfort.

Size 40.6 x 48.3 x 14 cm


Coat rack

Put your coat or towel(s) on this rack while enjoying a relaxing wellness moment.

Floor grate

Size of the floor grate is 88 x 150 cm

Outdoor Solar light

Led light 1,5 watts.

Size: 154 x 92 x 97mm



E27 / 25 watts

Sauna Light

Comfort Back Rest

For extra Back comfort.


Red Cedar accessory set

Complete set of bucket, ladle, sandglass and themo hygrometer.

LED Smartline light

Create more ambiance in your sauna.


Sauna Stones per Box

Sauna stones per box; only to be ordered with heater

Helo cup

Electric heater

Available in:
6kW / 8kW / 9kW

All heaters will be delivered excl. sauna stones

Helo Ringo

Electric heater

Available in:

All heaters will be delivered excl. sauna stones


Glass Sauna Door

10mm Bronze Tempered Glass Sauna Door

Stainless Steel Hinges

Stainless Steel door hinges with customized door handle.


2 Tier Benches

Fully Enclosed 2 tier bench design with rounded front corners.

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